Chad Delany

Chad Delany is a Portland, Oregon-based artist utilizing meditative contemplation as a grounding point to produce photography that inspires people to consider the meaning and purpose of life in connection with their environment.  Chad's goal is to create a physical manifestation of the subtle energies that exist between us, and the land.

After studying Physics at Caltech, Chad started his career building and installing a neutrino detector and doing analysis of vortex flow in tidal water systems. Following that, he worked as a Remote Sensing Analyst using satellite imagery to map large sections of land for biologic research and environmental resource management. As part of that work, Chad conducted fieldwork in Antarctica and led several summers of fieldwork in the Boreal Forest and in the Arctic. Being immersed in these remote and sublime places in combination with concepts understood from physics ignited and informed his artistic journey.

Meditative practice has played a key role in Chad’s life since his introduction to Hatha Yoga in the early 1990s. He then studied Vipassana Meditation as taught by Goenka and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Together, meditation and yoga provide a path for inner exploration that shifts the way he perceives the outer world. He is currently studying Shamanic practices at LightSong: School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of nature’s connections.

Chad also has a passion for restoring older Toyota Land Cruisers and uses them to explore the desert and wilder places on Earth. These rugged, beautiful trucks work to support his artistry by helping him escape the city, immerse himself in nature, and enjoy the sunrise after a morning meditation. His photographic work is what results from these experiences.

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